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Our fleet consists of two aircrafts. Each aircraft has its own charm.  We offer a nostalgic way of flying and the elegancy of Taildragger flying on our Aeronca Champion. Moreover the classic General Aviation aircraft – the Cessna 172 – is part of our fleet.


Nostalgische Flugzeuge für ein unvergässliches Flugerlebnis

Aeronca Champion

A real vintage aircraft built in 1946 is waiting for you. The Champ imposes with a comfortable, but yet challenging way of flying and therefore is the perfect trainer in order to get  tailwheel endorsed.  During summer time it is possible to remove the door and enjoy the fresh air und the awesome view even more.

Cessna 172 N

This Classic General Aviation aircraft offers outstanding flight characteristics and conventional Instruments. The Cessna 172 is a “work-horse” and invites to VFR flight with three or four persons on board. Thereby a short flight in the area around, as well as some longer flights e.g. in the Alpine region are possible. 

Cessna FR172 G

General Aviation’s Classic in the next stage of development. Due to the 210 hp engine and the significantly higher payload than the conventional Cessna 172, our “Rocket” invites four people to relaxed excursions over the Alps and to the Mediterranean coast. Furthermore, it impresses with a modern instrumentation with two Garmin GI275 and a GTN650 and is therefore also ideal for longer instrument flights.